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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Acupuncture and dry needling, while using the same needles, are two very different treatments. Acupuncture is used for the diagnosis and treatment of pathological conditions including visceral and systemic dysfunction, while dry needling is used for the assessment and treatment of myofacial pain syndrome due to myofacial trigger points. Acupuncture achieves pain relief through the release of endorphins and creating balance in the body's energy levels. Through the release of serum cortisol acupuncture can also have an anti-inflammatory effect. Dry needling achieves pain relief by inactivating trigger points and thus eliminating nociceptive focus of the muscle, The needles cause localised haemorrhaging which promotes healing by stimulating collagen and protein formation.
At The Body Refinery all of our Physiotherapists can provide dry needling, however Horace Chan can also provide acupuncture. Horace has had great success treating conditions such as tight/overactive hip flexors, plantar fascitis, piriformis syndrome, shin splints, knee joint pathologies, tennis elbow and frozen shoulder to name a few using acupuncture. If you have had a musculoskeletal issue that has been niggling at you why not book in and see Horace today? Call reception to make an appointment.


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  2. Acupuncture is able to work so well because it is able to penetrate back muscles that lie deep in the spine. Your acupuncturist can further warm the needles while inserted to allow further relaxation.
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